CDC frustrations and new testing for Washington state

The CDC has stopped reporting statistics

On March 2nd, 2020 the CDC stopped reporting the number of people tested without offering any explanation. Upon inquiry from concerned democratic representative Mark Pocan, they stated that they were compiling testing data and “might” share it on the website.

All the CDC is reporting is actual deaths.

There is STILL inadequate testing as of March 4th 2020, 4 pm PST.

What does this mean? How does it affect things?

  1. The lack of statistical information, means less information flow. People will be less cautious than needed. Communities won’t be on alert.
  2. If adequate testing is not done, it is more likely that people are infected and not treated, or are asymptomatic, or worse get it through communal transfer.

On March 4th 2020 about 1 pm. University of Washington announced that they have readied a new test.

This means

  1. More testing = more reported positive = more news spread.
  2. This is ONLY because there is more information flow and actual reporting. The CDCs attempt to have such restricted testing, muzzling information and communication only means that the people infected are not known by medical professionals. So for a while, it might seem like Washington state has a lot more people testing positive, and dying. BUT Washington State is is handling it better than Oregon or the federal officials. Please do not panic.

This morning $8 billion was passed by congress to battle the virus. Hopefully this will help the states get their act together.

Read beyond your country’s medical authority and favorite media source.

It is a downright shame that in this COVID-19 epidemic, a citizen cannot rely on their own government. At this point it feels like many countries are not being forthright about every single aspect of handling their local cases, the spreading of the virus, diagnosis, prevention, or handling and treatment of cases. It would be prudent to seek multiple sources of information to ascertain the situation, since each country seems to be problematic in a couple of aspects but not all.  

My goal is not to make you distrust your government, but understand that each administration and governing body has their own agenda and ‘public image’ to maintain.

The good news is that in such a climate of mistrust, scientists are going out of their way to share data, and information to push research to its limit and hasten the possibility of a vaccine or a medication to manage symptoms.

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Photo by Rob Curran on Unsplash

I do not wish to cause panic. The aim in writing this article is, to decrease rumors, and the heavy reliance on a single authority. Below are just a few examples and some countries. There are many more egregious issues that are not addressed.

  1. China and its whistleblowers:
  2. Iran, the administration and lack of trust.
  3. India, media’s elation over ‘immunity’
  4. United States, incompetency

The above information might have been difficult to read and upsetting in nature. Please understand that I only wish to make the point that you should look at multiple sources of information to get a reasonable view of the situation, rather than sticking to one specific media or government center.