Watching Jupiter at Opposition.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and is its brightest at opposition. The term opposition (in this case) means

The sun ——— Earth and you ——– Jupiter

forms a straight line. Also called syzygy.

During opposition, the chances of you seeing the planet distinctly from its dimmer moons, without interference from the sun’s rays, is higher.

Shree watching Jupiter

I was so thrilled to set up my 130 mm Celestron telescope. I saw a beautiful disk of Jupiter, which is difficult to see otherwise, since it is a gas giant. The bands including the gorgeous orange hues could be seen. I also saw three of the brightest moons. IO, Ganymede, and Callisto.

Europa is slightly closer to Jupiter. So I couldn’t really see it as well. The other moons are out of the question. There are a total of 79 moons and counting. What an absolute thrill! It was my very own #Obsidian Rim

Coexistence – Book 1 of the Pipettes and Plows Series

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited and happy to announce that my first book will be published in a collaboration through Wonky Perspectives and Windtree Press. It will follow a brilliant scientist and a brawny nice farmer travel through the Obsidian Rim in search for the queen black bean. The crop is key to the freedom of the Prithvi farmers from the corporate Earth’s Conservatory’s evil clutches. To learn more about the two new adults carving their way in the dark vast expanses of the Rim, please click here:

We have created a whole new universe for you to immerse in. In the Obsidian Rim, life is dark and dangerous. How does humanity change? Have fun exploring 🙂