For writers

I offer several workshops and classes. Please click on the individual links to find out more.

I offer an anti-bias workshop that is five hours long and can be split into multiple sessions. The course offers:

  • Basics of bias, subconscious bias, prejudice, and racism.
  • How is bias inherent in human beings?
  • Scientific reasoning for bias- an evolutionary perspective
  • Cognitive biases – psychological perspective
  • Implicit gender bias
  • Bias against creativity
  • History of LGBTQIA2S+
    • Terms and their meaning
    • Trans community and stereotypes
    • Intersex community and stereotypes
  • History of African Americans
    • Slavery
    • Seggregation
    • Tulsa, Oklahoma
    • Education
    • Redlining and real estate
    • Banking bias
    • Employment opportunities
    • PTSD
    • Effect of Obama
    • Effect of Trump
    • Reparations
    • Stereotypes in books
  • History of Native Americans and stereotypes
  • History of Jewish people in America and stereotypes
  • The Disability community and stereotypes
  • What to do about bias?

For further information, contact me via the website.