Main Coronavirus, COVID-19 article

I’ve written some posts on the ongoing situation. This will be the main article with updated links as I keep adding to the information regarding the pandemic.

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Articles listed in order of ‘oldest’ to ‘latest’. (Last updated 1:45 PM PST, March 9th 2020)

  1. Click here to access article on understanding relevant terms surrounding the COVID-19 disease.
  2. Click here to access article on masks
  3. Click here for some basic information on how to protect yourself and cleanliness tips.
  4. Read about how to make your own hand-sanitizer.
  5. Dispelling coronavirus rumors
  6. Read beyond your favorite media source and government’s medical authority.
  7. CDC frustrations and Washington state new test.
  8. Letter to Governor Kate Brown re: Coronavirus response.
  9. Who is at risk? Discussion on WHO guidelines and neglected populations.
  10. Being Calm yet Cautious.
  11. WHO update on the ‘Pandemic’ criteria, and recovery rates.

Please note: I am not a medical doctor. I am an ex-researcher and a biochemist.